Measurement, control, thermographic and infrared instruments

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Measurement, control, thermographic and infrared instruments

Monituring sensor network iNOVA SYSTEM

Routers are devices of communication basis for the formation of the Network iNova.
The main function of the router is to be able to extend the data transmission signal in case of the presence of obstacles or if the sensor is located at a distance greater than its scope.
Routers have the ability to form a mesh network autonomously and are normally fed to batteries with average life of several years. The actual duration depends on the duty cycle of operation (the period of effective transceiving dependent on the number of sensors attached and by the frequency of reading).
Each router is equipped with self-installing and self-diagnostic functions available on air (battery voltage). Also be configured remotely different operating parameters in order to optimize its performance.
The router is installed in a watertight container of dimensions 150x120x40 mm.

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Further details
- Info: Extends the signal from the Gateway to the sensors.
- Housing: Made of self-extinguishing IP56 for outdoor installation without special protection. Dimensions 90x125x55 mm.
- How to install: The installation can be done with wall brackets to support structures or poles with metal strips. The installation involves checking the connection with the section of the network already installed either directly to the concentrator.
- Power supply: Lithium primary batteries certified for temperatures below -35 °C.
- Power consumption during transmission/reception to 80 mA sensors.
- Average power consumption with a periodicity of the sensors 60 minutes and 20 sensors managed 100 uA.
- Average life batteries >10 years.
- Alternative supply multi-crystalline solar cells (0.9 W dim 110x90).
- Storage: Battery 4.2 V 560 Polymer mAh Lithium.
- Power consumption during transmit/receive terminals to 30 mA.
- Diagnostics: Sending data from the device status: Battery level, malfunctions encoded registered, quality communication.
- Connection with sensors: Wireless radio sensors. RTX frequency 868.3 MHz, FSK modulation, bit rate 115 kbps, 10 dbm TX power, RX sensitivity -105 dbm. Micropower wakeup system owner.
- Connection Range: 200m in open sight; 40-60m indoors.
- Temperature: Operating: 25 °C +85 °C, Storage: -40 °C +125 °C.

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