Measurement, control, thermographic and infrared instruments

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Falconara Marittima, Italy
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Measurement, control, thermographic and infrared instruments

The “Pull testing” consists to create one or more concentrated forces through the pull generated by the hydraulic jack anchored by means of chains (or ropes) to the lower structure or to the floor above. 
For a suitable anchorage is therefore necessary to have structural elements of contrast as slabs, beams, pillars or foundation elements. 

Mostly, the tests of traction load are used in cases where it is in the absence of upper structures of contrast, and then there is the possibility of applying the pushing system.. 

The main advantages of the load tests with concentrated loads are: 
- To manage carefully the force to be applied; 
- Be able to run in times (relatively) short even several cycles of loading and unloading;
- Be able to quickly handle the phase of preparation site; 
- Test quickly and easily repeatable; 
- Logistics greatly simplified test that allows you to run multiple tests on the same day.

Further info from manufacturer on KIT PROVE DI CARICO A TRAZIONE
Further details
The system for testing the tensile load on the floors can be configured according to the specifications required by the customer.
The configuration with 2 pulling cylinders is as follows:
- No.1 Hydraulic pump lever s/effect, dual-stage tank used 1,1Lt / 1,9Lt (*);
- No.1 Way flow control valve for fine adjustment;
- No.1 Digital pressure gauge with high precision 0-700bar indicating peak min / max;
- No.1 Manifold 3 uses (1 input / 2 output);
- No.2 Hose maximum working pressure 1000 Bar, bursting pressure 2800bar, complete with screw coupling 3/8 "NPT and protective caps;
- No.2 Hydraulic driven, spring return (steel or aluminum) 2/5 / 10ton stroke respectively 127/140 / 150mm. Equipped with threading on the rod, in the body and in the base to facilitate mounting of suitable attacks.
(*) The model of the pump will be made according to the number of jacks and the future improvement.
The kit for load tests on floors with pulling cylinders is configured according to customer requirements.
Standard configuration:
- No.1 hand pump lever s/effect;
- No.1 way flow control valve for fine adjustment;
- No.1 digital pressure gauge with high precision;
- No.1 Manifold number of uses required for manage all cylinders;
- No.X hoses complete with couplings;
- No.X Pulling cylinders with eyelets (steel or aluminum).

Load Test Collection by NOVATEST
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