Measurement, control, thermographic and infrared instruments

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Measurement, control, thermographic and infrared instruments

The extraction methods consist in measuring the force required to extract the inserts from the concrete pre or post-inserted.
The extraction tests may be carried out:
- Bolts pre-entered in the jets (pull-out test), and this in order to check the resistance at various stages of maturation of the jet or in a monitoring program over time the quality of the concrete and the state of decay;
- With elements post-inserted (expansion screws geometric or forced expansion) for measuring the actual resistance of the concrete.
For the purposes of assessing the strength of the concrete on the basis of the results of the test pull-out, it is necessary from time to time to calibrate the method as the correlations essentially depend on the equipment used.
For tests carried out according to EN 12504-3, the results can be processed according to the prEN 13791, in a similar way to index data ultrasonic speed and concrete test hammer.

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Further details
Technical Features
Disk device and stem, pre-inserted in the concrete.
The insert pre-inserted for testing pull-out is made according to the specifications given by the UNI EN 12504-3.
The disc has a circular head of 25 mm in diameter.
The rod has a diameter not greater than 0.6 times the diameter of the disc.
The length of the rod, measured from the surface of the concrete up to the nearest surface of the disc, is equal to the diameter of the disc.
The sides of the stem are smooth and tapered, with the larger diameter at the point closest to the surface of the concrete, to minimize the friction during the test.
The device is coated with a release agent to prevent adhesion to concrete. The disc and the stem are usually inserted subsequently hardening of the concrete.

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