NOVATEST Metal hardness tester

Metal hardness tester for reinforcing bars

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Falconara Marittima, Italy
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Metal hardness tester


Metal hardness tester for reinforcing bars

Rebound Hardness Tester
The rebound hardness is a portable instrument used for measuring the hardness of materials. Compact size and very sturdy, measures the Leeb hardness of metals in scale, Vickers, Brinell and calculation of tensile strength, with the memory of the measurements.
The tool allows to transfer data on dedicated software.

Comes with probe bounce "D", and set adapter rings that allow you to operate on all the concave and convex surfaces.

Principle of operation:
The principle of operation of durometers is almost identical for the various types: a tip shape varies, is pushed with a known force against the material to be tested, depending on the hardness of the material and directly proportional to it, this will penetrate to a certain depth . Measuring the penetration depth or the size of the impression it has an indication of the hardness of the material.
The rebound hardness, having within the correlation curves already entered, it returns directly the hardness of the material according to the selected scale.

Further info from manufacturer on Metal hardness tester
Further details
• Wide range of materials can be measured.
• LCD Screen: Backlit
• Standard equipment includes a probe type D
• Automatic recognition of the type of probe
• Direction Probe: 360 °
• Display scales hardness: HV HRC HRB HB HS HLD
• Memory: 100 groups
• Information of the battery
• Calibration function
• Optional software for connection with PCs
• 2 AA batteries provide a range of 100 hours
• Auto-off for energy saving
• Complies with Standard ASTM A965 and DIN 50156
• Display functions: Direction of impact, battery consumption, hardness scale, hardness value, mean value, type of material, number measures
• Measurable Hardness: HRB - HRC - HV - HB - HS - HLD
Information of measurement:
• Impact Strength: 11Nmm
• Mass indenter: 5.5g
• Minimum thickness of the piece: 5mm
• Minimum thickness overs: 0.8mm
• Roughness max. surface Ra: 1.6μm
• Maximum workpiece hardness: 950HV
The hardness tester is supplied with the following accessories:
• Hardness Tester for Metals XS12
• Probe Impact Model "D" (standard)
• Brush for cleaning probe
• Supporting Ring Probe
• Reference sample for calibration HLD
• Certificate of Calibration
• Transport Case
• User's Manual
• Warranty: 24 Months
Optional accessories:
• Set of adapter rings for evidence of concave and convex surfaces

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