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Falconara Marittima, Italy
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The GEOTESTER penetrometer is used for a rapid determination of shear strength of foundation soils in undrained conditions, ie where the humidity does not change in the short time interval in which testing is done. This type of test is performed to evaluate the shear strength of soils and to then draw a sufficiently comprehensive mechanical properties of the soil upon which to design the foundations of the structure to be built.

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Measuring soil resistance
The tubular penetrometer is used to classify soil samples according to their compressive strength. This operation is simple, practical and fast.
To perform the test simply push the sliding ring until the lower valve on the scale is reached, then press the penetrometer against the soil sample to the line engraved on the piston, then read the result. The scale reads directly the compressive strength in Kg/sqcm or in Kg.
As in most non-destructive diagnostic tests, for a higher reliability on the data security, it is advisable to perform more tests on the same kind of soil.
A table that helps reading the data, giving the ideal ranges of permissible load depending on the kind of soil analyzed, is provided with the tool.
Measure the shear strength of soils The GEOTESTER penetrometer is used to quickly determine the shear strength of foundation soils under not drained conditions, which means that the humidity does not change in the short amount of time in which the test is performed. This kind of test is done to evaluate the share strength of soils, which brings you to know the mechanical properties of the land on which the structure will be built.

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