Pull testing on concrete

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Pull testing on concrete

The Pull-Out System is an extraction test of a metal anchor for estimating the resistance of concrete on site. The extraction test called Pull-Out is classified between the semi-destructive methods of investigation.

The mechanical properties of concrete can be determined on site by measuring the force needed to pull a metal anchor pre or post inserted.
The test is performed using a manual hydraulic pump unit with a pressure gauge that drives a hydraulic jack connected to the anchor.

The value of the force produced by the test is used later to determine parameters of concrete strength by calibration curves and/or correlating the test with other methods of non-destructive investigation.


Further details
The Pull-out STD extraction test kit consist as follows:
• No.1 Single stage lever pump, working pressure 0-700bar, 3.4 cc/pump, 1.1 liters tank (*)
• No.1 High precision digital pressure gauge 0-700bar indicating min/max pressure peak, storage values and different units of measurement (psi, MPa, kPa, bar, mbar) (*)
• No.1 Perforated cylinder single-acting, spring return, capacity 10ton,stroke 50mm (**)
• No.1 Aluminium reaction spacer complete with stainless steel oring
• No.1 Pull pin M12 with male-female adapter to screw on the pin to use with M10 anchors, complete with self-leveling washer contrast (***)
• No.1 Drill bit for drilling holes with conical flaring
• No.1 Firing pin for insertion of the anchors
• No.5 Anchors FZA 14x40
• No.1 Flexible high-strength cable L = 2m
• Quick Couplings with protective caps
• No.1 Flight Case (optional)
(*) Compatible with Flat Jacks Kit, Kit Pull-Off 500, Plate Load Test Kit, Load Test Kit
(**) Compatible with Plate Load Test Kit, Kit Pull-Off 500
(***) Compatible with Kit Pull-Off 500

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