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Abrams cone


Slump Test

The Abrams cone is used for determining the consistency of concrete, this test is also called a slump test.
Knowledge of this parameter is of fundamental importance in defining the workability of concrete. In addition, through the slump test, you can easily compare the effects of any chemical additives thinners at the same water-cement ratio.
Test Method UNI 12350-2.
The method is not applicable when the maximum size of the aggregate is greater than 50 mm.

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Further details
The concrete slump test is used for the measurement of a property of fresh concrete.
The test is an empirical test that measures the workability of fresh concrete. More specifically, it measures the consistency of the concrete in that specific batch. It is also used to determine consistency between individual batches. The test is popular due to the simplicity of apparatus used and simple procedure. The slump test is used to ensure uniformity for different batches of similar concrete under field conditions and to ascertain the effects of plasticizers on their introduction
The slump test result is a measure of the behaviour of a self-compacted inverted cone of concrete under the action of gravity. It is a measure of the concrete's workability or the dampness of concrete
According to European Standard EN 206-1:2000 five classes of slump have been designated, as tabulated below.
S1 10 - 40
S2 50 - 90
S3 100-150
S4 160-210
S5 ≥210
The slumped concrete takes various shapes, and according to the profile of slumped concrete, the slump is termed as true slump, shear slump or collapse slump. If a shear or collapse slump is achieved, a fresh sample should be taken and the test repeated.
A collapse slump is an indication of too wet a mix. Only a true slump is of any use in the test. A collapse slump will generally mean that the mix is too wet or that it is a high workability mix, for which slump test is not appropriate.
Very dry mixes; having slump 0 - 25 mm are used in road making, low workability mixes; having slump 10 - 40 mm are used for foundations with light reinforcement, medium workability mixes; 50 - 90 for normal reinforced concrete placed with vibration, high workability concrete; > 100 mm.
- Painted steel plate con mm 100x200x300
- Weight: 2 Kg
- Steel pressing rod with round ends 16x600mm
- Graduated rod with trimming rod weight: 1,2 Kg
- Metal funnel to fill the cone weight 0,3 Kg
Standard set includes:
- Steel slump cone
- Base with handle
- tamping rod
- Graduating rod
- Brush
- Bailer

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