Ultrasonic 25/50KHz; Cross Hole 2ch. (Automatic encoder)

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Falconara Marittima, Italy
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Ultrasonic 25/50KHz; Cross Hole 2ch. (Automatic encoder)

The NOVASONIC U5600 is a tool for new generation ultrasonic investigations that allows you to perform various types of tests on concrete and on foundation poles through the Cross-Hole methodology.

Available functions:
1. Cross-Hole 3 channels, automatic encoder;
2. Measure concrete resistance 25/50KHz;
3. Localization and Mapping of defects inside the concrete component;
4. Measuring the crack depth.

Main characteristics:
• Very high signal strength that allows you to perform surveys over long distances. Particularly suitable for the control of industrial buildings;
• Low frequency sonic survey (25KHz);
• Automatic gain control;
• Autosaves. fast and intuitive navigability;
• During the Cross-Hole tests the mapping pole displays real-time location information, transit time and waveform;
• LCD color touchscreen;
• Internal high capacity Lithium battery;
• USB port for transferring data from the internal memory;
• Small size and light weight make it very easy to transport on the construction site;
• Professional software for data processing and test reports creation;
• Integrated GPS module.

Further details
• Control mode: Low power consumption Multicore Processors;
• Monitor (HD high brightness TFT LCD screen): 8.4 inch;
• Data storage: Internal Micro SD (TF), Standard 8GB and can expandable U Disk;
• Operation Mode: Touch screen;
• Signal collecting Mode (sampling point by point): Signal, double channels auto;
• Channels: 1 emitter + 2 receiver + 1 external-trigger;
• Trigger: Signal/internal;
• Sampling interval: 0,025 µs ~ 204,8 µs, 14 adjustable;
• Acoustic transit time accuracy: 0,025 µs;
• Measuring range 0 ~ 4s;
• Amplifier gain: 100 dB;
• Amplifier bandwidth: 10 ~ 250 Hz;
• Receiver sensitivity: ≤30 µV;
• Amplifier gain accuracy: 0,025%;
• Emission voltage (V): 65, 250, 500, 1000 V adjustable;
• Emission pulse-width: 2 µs ~ 20 ms adjustable;
• Ports: USB;
• Power:
- Internal: Built-in lithium battery≥6 hrs
- External: External port 9V DC
- Alternating Current Power: 220V, 50Hz
• Size (mm): 271x220x70;
• Weight: 2,5 Kg (lithium battery included);
• Operational environment:
- Temperature: 0° ~ +40°C
- Humidity: <90% RH;
• Record Length: 1024 ~ 4096 point.
• Acquisition unit U5600 tablet rugged IP67 multichannel;
• No.3 Cross-Hole probes L=100m;
• No.1 automatic encoder;
• No.3 guides probe.
• USB pen drive and software for data processing;
• Manual;
• Battery charger.
• No.2 probes 50 kHz, L=10m;
• No.2 probes 25 kHz, L=10m.

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