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Wooden bathroom furniture set




Craft (taken from the English word craftsmanship) is Novello's last goal in its continuous research for functionality and aesthetic. It is a bathroom furniture collection that recovers the craftsmanship in contemporary form.
Craft has simple, essential and straight forms expressed by natural and charming materials like wood and stone combined with modern ones like cement, Laminam, glass and lacquered surfaces. Craft is artistic handicraft that enhances the planning of the contemporary design. Thus new pieces of furniture take form, which represent the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation,  making each piece unique.
Some processes to realise these pieces of furniture are made completely by hand: the cement, which is used for the integrated wash-basins, has a completely manual application and manually are made also the junctions to create tops with Laminam basins and over-counter basins made of stone.

Composition N01
(dimensions W 180 x D 45 cm)
Units in thermal treated planked oak, top and over-counter basin in pietra grey opaca. Mirror cm 180 x 60H with led lights on the bottom part and led lamp with a chromed rectangular shield.

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Further details

Craft uses several materials and finishes. For the tops for over-counter basins and for the cabinets we have the oak wood in three finishes - thermal treated planked oak, natural oak with knots and white oak. For the cabinets, tall units and shelves lacquered colours mat and glossy, for the tops with integrated basins the cement in the colours white, corda, grigio chiaro and grigio scuro, the Laminam and the satin glass back-painted in all the Novello' s colours. For the over-counter wash-basins, Novello proposes different stones: travertino resinato lucido, trachite opaca, pietra grey opaca and marmo bianco di Carrara. Craft is a modular collection, with units with different widths and heights to furnish and personalise any type of bathroom.

The cabinets and fronts have an elegant 45° edge, the handle is carved out of the front panel. The tops can be suspended, positioned on cabinets or on metallic frames, to make the composition very simple and fresh.

To complete the range there are the metallic stepladders painted mat and with a simple and functional design. They have indeed shelves, hooks for the bathrobe, rails for the toilet roll and towels.

Finally the mirrors, with rectangular and circular shapes, equipped with integrated led lights on the upper or bottom part or on the back side, to create a warm and enchanting atmosphere. Very simple are also the led lamps to be fixed to the wall.

Craft Collection by NOVELLO
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