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Birch kids chair

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nuun kids design

Girona, Spain
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Birch kids chair

Osit is an evolutive baby chair that grows with children, and offers two different heights. With osit a child grows up, acquires freedom and starts to choose his / her own activities. 
The osit chair can be used along with the safety harness at the age of six months, which is when the child will start to hold up his/her head on his/her own. If the child is already two years old and wishes to use the osit chair only, the safety harness will not be necessary.
Double nenjoy table is an ideal complement for joining two osit chairs. Ideal for kids that have fun together!  

Technical information:
The osit babychair is made of birch wood, with a varnish finish and whiteboard paint. The ultimate goal is that, upon reaching a certain age, the child will be able to handle the chair freely. For this reason, no mechanism has been added. The circles on the sides facilitate its movement and transport, both for children and grownups. 

Osit: baby chair
Age: 2  years to 6 years old                                    
Material: Birch wood

Product size: 36 x 36 x 36 cm.

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