Officine Gullo Cookware set

Copper Cookware set

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Officine Gullo

Antella, Italy
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Cookware set


Copper Cookware set



High thickness (2.5 mm) tinned copper pots set consisting of 8 pieces:

- Rounded pan ø 30 cm - h 10.5 cm; 
- Rounded pan ø 26 cm - h 9 cm; 
- Conical casserole ø 21.5 cm; 
- Rounded casserole ø 26 cm - h 12 cm; 
- Rounded casserole ø 18 cm - h 11 cm; 
- Rounded casserole ø 22 cm - h 12 cm; 
- Rounded pan ø 26 cm - h 5.5 cm; 
- Rounded pan ø 30 cm - h 6.3 cm. 

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Further details
The quality of the copper during cooking:
- Thermal conductivity
Copper, after gold and silver, is the metal with the highest thermal conductivity which represents a fundamental property for the cooking of food.
- Even cooking
The heat accumulated by the pot due to contact with the heat source is distributed evenly over the surface which guarantees a more uniform cooking of food. This feature keeps the flavour and fragrance of the food while respecting the principles of nutrition.
- Compliance with hygiene standards
Copper, properly tinned, ensures hygiene during cooking.
- Pleasantness of copper
Copper pots are incredibly beautiful and winsome. The warmth of copper endows colour to the table, giving rise to conviviality and a cosy atmosphere. Copper is surely part of modern furnishing.

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