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Kitchen with island

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Kitchen with island

Avana Pearl - Officine Gullo presents a prestigious project that combines metal and wood: the kitchen entirely made of extra thick stainless steel is matched with the walnut woodwork, featuring elegant nickel-coated and satin-finished brass moulding. 

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4 HIGH PERFORMANCE BURNERS The high performance burners by Officine Gullo are made with solid polished brass and chrome-plated cast iron. They are available with gas power values up to 7.5 kW in 70cm deep kitchen ranges. A special 10kW burner is available upon request. Fitted with an automatic flame stabiliser and a safety valve, gas burners are still the burners of choice of
professional chefs. The 3.5 and 7.5 kW burners are fitted with a system consisting of extra thick stainless steel tanks, which are satin-finished, scratchproof and can be removed to easily clean them in the dishwasher. The mijotage disc (a copper disc) is the ideal accessory to evenly cook food, as it provides even heat distribution across the whole base of the pot.

CAST IRON SIMMER The extra thick simmer is an essential cooking tool in professional kitchens. Fitted with a removable central insert, the simmer can be used for cooking methods that require different temperatures, as there are areas with a different degree of hat as one moves from the centre towards the edge — from 450°C at the centre to 150°C around the edges. For instance, by removing the internal insert and placing the bottom of the recipient directly in contact with the flame, you can cook on the burner itself, while as you gradually move towards the edge of the plate, you can cook with an increasingly lower heat. So, if we place the water used to boil the pasta at the centre, at the same time one can cook the ragout sauce over low heat in the remaining area. Once it is turned off, it turns into an excellent element to maintain heat.

SMOOTH FRY-TOP The smooth fry-top is a professional chrome-plated cooking plate made with extra-thick, mirror-polished steel to prevent food from sticking to it. Upon request we can provide a grooved fry-top with a plate whose surface is half smooth and half grooved. Fitted with a lid and a tray to collect juices resulting from the cooking process. The surface of the fry-top, which is heated by gas burners or heating elements, can be used to cook food directly in contact with it. It can used together or even replace sauteing with a drizzle of oil — though without adding fat and at temperatures between 180°C and 230°C. Quick and simple to clean: just wipe the tepid surface with a mix of oil and vinegar.

PROFESSIONAL PASTA COOKER Large professional pasta cooker (up to 25L). Fitted with a drain tap and perforated stainless steel basket. Upon request, we provide various types of baskets in various sizes to cook different kinds of pasta at the same time. Also ideal to cook pulses, rice, eggs and vegetables. Welded flush with the hob, the pasta cooker prevents the risk deriving from pots with boiling water. Officine Gullo offers the chance of choosing in a single tool among a pasta cooker, the most commonly used tool, a steamer, which is excellent to cook fish and vegetables and finally bain-marie, used to cook food gently and indirectly.

OVENS The stainless steel ovens have a wide range of accessories and professional trays by Gastronorm in the various standard sizes GN 2/1: gas or electridstatic supply; GN 1/1: electric/ventilated supply. Other innovative features were created in terms of heat transmission, which once was only provided from below. Indeed, the addition of other irradiation sources, located at the top and back of the chamber, as in ovens by Officine Gullo, ensure even heat distribution and reduce cooking time by about 15%. The top quality materials, like the thickness of the oven and its perfect airtightness, ensure optimal cooking from any point of view, thereby guaranteeing the perfect level of moisture for every dish.

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