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Foldable trivet

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Munich, Germany
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Foldable trivet


Stainless Steel, Plastic


Andreas A.P. Anetseder, Prof. Horst Fleischmann

THE CONCEPT | The KREMPEL® consists of four flat, lamellar elements, connected by rivets. The flat initial shape can be everted by pushing or pulling it into a certain angle. This way you can create one of three possible stable, three-dimensional shapes. The KREMPEL® is designed in a way that all these shapes lay in an absolutely flat way on the table.

THE SHAPES | The KREMPEL® can be converted in different ways. You can turn it into a stable cushion shape or a circle. One additional step transforms the "cushion" into a "fish". This playful mutability also has a very functional background. That way, the KREMPEL® can be adapted for many different pot sizes and shapes (from Ø 13 cm to Ø 28 cm). In its flat initial shape, the KREMPEL® furthermore suits perfectly to the dimensions of conventional drawers - or can simply be hung up at the kitchen unit. Beside the four-sided parallelogram, we are also planning to design models of three strip elements.

THE COLOURS | Currently, the KREMPEL® is available in the colours black, yellow, cream, red, green and taupe. But that's not all: further special colours can be implemented for orders from 500 pieces without any problem.

THE MATERIAL | The KREMPEL® is made of high-temperature plastic. This material is basically used for sterilisation cases and trays, dental and surgical instruments, medical devices, aircraft interiors and hot water fittings. The plastic strips produced by injection moulding are firmly connected to each other by tubular stainless steel rivets.

ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY | All the KREMPEL® components are produced and processed in Germany. By this means we renounce long, energy consuming transport and delivery ways. The packaging materials are 100% recyclable cardboard boxes.

The KREMPEL® is covered by a utility patent by the German Patent Office.

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Further details
The high-tech material particularly excels in the following features:

- High temperature resistance (max. 220° C, 180 ° C permanent temperature)
- Flexibility and good resilience
- Good retraction capability
- Robustness and high impact value
- High resistance to chemicals
- Aesthetic matt visual appearance combined with a pleasant fine-grit feel
200 x 200 x 9 mm | 370 x 60 x 9 mm

220 x 200 mm - circle
170 x 250 mm - fish
180 x 180 mm - cushion
Dimensions KREMPEL

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