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Stainless steel shower channel

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Casto, Italy
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Stainless steel shower channel
Stainless Steel

Olifilo is a product line dedicated to drainage systems for floor level showers. Anti-seepage and pre-shaped panels allow for a rapid and safe installation. Olifilo is supplied in four different versions: Centro, Centro Ribassato, Lato and Bilato that allow the drain to be positioned at the centre of the shower or flush with the wall. The range is made complete with a series of stainless steel polished or satin grids designed by Romano Adolini. 
System for creating floor level showers rapidly and completely watertight, based on the use of high density expanded polystyrene panels onto which the tiles are laid directly.
> Optimum gradient for shower water drainage;
> no change in level and fully accessible to wheelchair users;
> maximum ease of installation and guarantee of excellent water tightness;
> adaptable to all space requirements: wide range of sizes available, can be cut to required size and increased in size by adding extension panels;
> model with high performance shallow trap incorporated, specifically for renovation jobs with just 70 mm installation height;
> excellent drainage capacity even with large volumes of water;
> simple cleaning and maintenance: accessibility of trap and all internal components; 
> wide choice of attractive designs: square or rectangular grids in stainless steel or showers without grids for maximum linearity;
> possibility of personalising grids for upmarket hotels and resorts. 

Olifilo bilato

High density expanded polystyrene
Water proofi ng resin covered
Easy installation
Minimalist design, without grid
Optimum pre-defi ned gradient towards drain
Completely accessible trap
Elevated mechanical resistence, wheelchiar accessible
Dreinage fl ow rate of 42 l/min with horizontal trap; 60 l/min with vertical trap
Totally water-tight directly tileable
Can be reduced on the sides opposite the trap by up to the dimensions Amin and Bmin as shown in the picture aside
Corner tile support
Tile support
Tube of adhesive
Caps of water collection channel
Cleaning brush

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