OLIMPIA SPLENDID DOLCENOTTE® | Electric blanket for single bed

Electric blanket

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DOLCENOTTE® | Electric blanket for single bed


Electric blanket

Light and flexible as a linen, practica as a fitted linen, it heats the night to make it always sweet.
In Carbontexture®, a special fabric with carbon fiber woven into the fabric just as a normal thread. Antibacterial, anti-mite and hypoallergenic, Dolcenotte is 100% fireproof. Thanks to the Antishock System, it operates with only 12V of voltage, and it is safe even in the case of contact with liquids. It can be washed and ironed.

Color: White
Carbon fiber Technology
Operation at low voltage: 12 Volt
Soft Fabric in polyester fiber
Power: 50 W
Adjustable power
Programmable timer with 3 different durations
or for the entire night
Lightweight and flexible as a normal sheet
Machine washable at 40 °C and can be ironed
Safe even in case of contact with liquids
Operation at low voltage, only 12V. Total safety thanks to the transformation system of the low voltage current. The electronic transformer is made in accordance with the strictest safety
standards to ensure the highest isolation of the main electricity supply net. Safe even in the event of accidental contact with liquids.
Reduced power consumption up to 50% *: only 50W of absorption, half of a common light bulb.
Same lightness and flexibility of a normal sheet thanks to the extremely thin carbon fiber woven within the fabric. Uniform and constant irradiation over the entire surface.
Programmable timer with 4 power levels and selectable duration for 1, 2 or 9 hours of operation, or for the entire night.
It can be washed and ironed.

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188x82 cm

Dolcenotte® Collection by OLIMPIA SPLENDID
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