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Antibacterial and ionizing paint

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Antibacterial and ionizing paint

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ECOPUR by Oltremateria® is a certified high performance antibacterial and ionising paint for continuous floors and coverings that purifies the air, sanitises the surroundings and tackles unwanted odours by freshening up all areas.
The antibacterial function is achieved by silver ions, which allow to block and eliminate the formation and proliferation of bacteria.
Air ionisation occurs through a mixture of various natural tourmalines that are activated without the need for energy due to the presence of oxygen, electromagnetic fields generated by household appliances or just by human bodies.
Ionisation combats dust in the atmosphere and activates air's oxygen molecules making it purer and healthier.
ECOPUR by Oltremateria®is an antibacterial surface that does not contain titanium dioxide, therefore it continually ionises and purifies the air without consuming energy. It does not require external stimulation and also works in the dark 24 hours a day.
ECOPUR can be used on floors, coverings and furnishings, both in private and public settings. It is particularly suitable for public spaces such as hotels, schools, hospitals and health centres, as it reduces bacterial contamination and improves air quality leading to improved well-being.

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