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Paolo CastelliBLACK AND GOLD | Round table

Lacquered round table

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Paolo Castelli

Ozzano Dell'emilia, Italy
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BLACK AND GOLD | Round table
Lacquered round table

A collection of tables, seats and tall and short containers with a high degree of formal autonomy, yet tied to one another by an identical material taste, by a completely new and extraordinarily elegant pairing of materials: one more natural, marked, architectural in galvanized metal and the other more finished, shiny, decorative and luxurious, painted glossy, which is accompanied in the seats by a cardinal red velvet. Orthogonal geometric lines everywhere, which only take on diagonal aspects in the seats, softened by the textile material.

These pieces of furniture have a presence, yet remain light; they are massive yet transparent, not derived from classical symmetries and rhythms, but rather from a revisiting of post-war Italian Abstractionism. The structures of these pieces are in metal, with a galvanized, opaque, iridescent brass finish, and the surfaces and doors are MDF, painted shiny, black 100 gloss. 

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