Wood fibre thermal insulation panel

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Fribourg, Switzerland
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Wood fibre thermal insulation panel


Wood fibre

Board with central profile, can be turned, rendered, laid directly on the rafters; protect from weather. Use in roof-wall-floor ceiling systems Over-rafter insulation applications: PAVATHERM-COMBI is the supplementary insulation for high-thickness PAVATHERM-PLUS insulation solutions. In a first step, PAVATHERM-COMBI is laid directly on the rafters; the insulation boards can be laid on either side. PAVATHERM-COMBI insulation boards must be covered immediately after they have been installed to protect them from the weather. In a second step, the PAVATHERM-PLUS insulation elements are laid on top, with offset joints. The distance between the rafters must not be more than 89 cm. Under-rafter insulation applications: Install PAVATHERM-COMBI under-rafter insulation boards with offset joints, and fix them to the rafters with insulation nails. Fasten the battens to the supporting rafters through the insulation boards.

Alternative rendered under-rafter insulation: Place the substructure 40/60 mm (axis spacing a = 34.5 cm) at right angles to the rafters and fill the compartment created with PAVAFLEX insulation. A DB 3.5 airtight vapour barrier can be laid, and finally apply PAVATHERMCOMBI over the whole area, parallel to the rafters as under-rafter insulation boards.

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