Ceramic vase with automatic watering

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Ceramic vase with automatic watering



Tableau is a work of art. It waters herbs and house plants in a wet-dry cycle using zero electricity, just like nature intended.

Tableau makes growing leafy greens, bright florals, and tasty herbs super easy. Grow plants for food. Grow plants that clean the air. Grow plants for fun. They’ll brighten up any room.

Three ceramic pots, a glass reservoir, and a steel base with ebb-and-flow tech. Choose between Black, White or Intuition Blue colorways.

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Automatic Irrigation
Watering your plants with Tableau is easy. Just make sure there’s water in the reservoir and Tableau does the rest. The reservoir is easy to lift for refilling, so you can place your plants away from a water source. By watering your plants from below, your plants decide how much to drink. The reservoir contains enough to water three plants for around a month.
Wet-dry cycle
Our unique ebb-and-flow technology mimics one of the key water cycles found in nature: ground water. Rather than slow-releasing water from the reservoir, Tableau provides water in a wet-dry cycle for strong roots and healthy plants. Once your plants have absorbed all of the water in the base, it stays dry for a few days before refilling with water.
Zero electricity
Staying true to nature, we’ve designed Tableau to work using zero electricity. The bi-valve system that controls the water flow from the reservoir to the base is sensitive to humidity and pressure. Zero electricity also means zero wires, meaning you can place your plants and Tableau wherever you want.

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