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Gas stainless steel barbecue

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MOMA | Gas barbecue


Gas stainless steel barbecue


Stainless Steel

The gas barbecue is ideal for those who love cooking outside, even on the balcony of a condominium.
MOMA is a gas barbecue designed for people who love healthy and tasty cooking, and who live in an apartment or condo but don’t want to give up the pleasure of cooking outdoors even though they only have a balcony or terrace.
This special barbecue was designed to meet the needs of those who would like to cook inside an apartment or condo, but cannot do it with a traditional barbecue grill. Firstly, Moma does not produce combustion fumes since the food is cooked on a plate, so there is no contact between the cooking fat and the flame like traditional barbecues. Another advantage is the ease in removing fat and cooking residues by simply wiping the surface with a cloth and degreaser.
A third advantage greatly appreciated by those who love cooking on the balcony of their home comes from the fact that Moma does not operate with wood or charcoal but gas, so there is no need to transport and store it on the balcony of the condo.
Last but not least, this gas barbecue is equipped with a safety system that automatically shuts off the gas flow if the flame should suddenly go out, thus preventing dangerous leaks to nearby apartments.

Durable and weather resistant.

MOMA is a barbecue made entirely in 304 stainless steel; a material that guarantees excellent resistance to oxidation; it is antibacterial and very easy to clean. The MOMA barbecue comes with a gas cooktop that ensures stability and perfect control of the temperatures thanks to the thickness of 5 mm.
MOMA has a slightly sloped cooktop to allow cooking fat to flow into the removable drip tray; the cooking surface comes in two different configurations: completely smooth or partially ribbed to give food those attractive “grill marks” (available on the 70 T model).
Equipped with adjustable feet, MOMA can be placed on top of any support surface and can also be mounted on a special open or fully-closed trolley equipped with two side shelves and a bottom shelf for holding the gas canister.

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68 x 40 cm
37 x 40 cm

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