Plastic dome and module for ventilated hollow floor / Formwork and dome for hollow core slab

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San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy
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Plastic dome and module for ventilated hollow floor / Formwork and dome for hollow core slab

Aerated flooring system element with a dome shape,mutually and fastly connected will compose a selfbearingstructure suitable to admit the concrete castingfor the construction of the foundation platform. The Cupolex system creates a hollow space for aventilation under the floor. The recycle of air, that isformed below the slab, convoys the humidity and anyradon gas, outside the buildings. With Cupolex the living is healthier and brings benefitsfor the duration of the building. Cupolex is an ideal product to be used for renovationinstead of using gravel material for raising the deck.

Further info from manufacturer on CUPOLEX
Further details
Good reasons for using CUPOLEX
• Waterproof against moisture.
• Ventilation in all directions.
• Healthiness in the living.
• Conveys humidity moisture and radon gas outside the building.
• Economical and easy installation.
• Top finishing possible with carpet, parquet floors and tiles.
• Very high bearing capacity, even when use in industrial applications.
• Air heating and conditioning to floor-level.
• Provides space for running services (ductwork, cables, etc.).
• Hollow spaces for inspections.
• Adapts any types of plan.
• High and safety, supports walking on product before concrete placement.
• Dome made of recycled plastic.
Concrete consumption (m³/m²) top of the dome
Common dimensions
The following table contains the dimensions of the required metal reinforcement for the most common applications with: soil
Winkler constant of 1 kg/cm³ and 10 cm of lean concrete.
Structural Resistance
Slabs structed with Cupolex have been tested in collaboration with the CNR and the University of Padova and the results implemented in the code of calculation “Easy Cupolex”. Please enquire it to our technical office, free of charge.
Walking Support
Cupolex has been tested to support a load of 150 daN applied on plate of 5x5 cm set on the top of the element.
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