Aluminium Gutter and downpipe

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Aluminium Gutter and downpipe



Aluminium is biologically harmless and used in many areas of everyday life: e.g. in the packaging and foodstuffs industry. PREFA focuses on using the light metal aluminium because it causes no contamination of the draining rainwater with heavy metals. Even the paints used for coating at PREFA are organic and therefore non-toxic. The use of PREFA aluminium products has no detrimental effect on ground and surface water, nor does it damage fauna and flora.
Aluminium does not rust.PREFA uses a special saltwater-proof aluminium alloy to produce its aluminium roof gutter systems. If the surface is damaged, the blank aluminium reacts with oxygen to form a protective permanent oxide layer that protects the product from further damage. Aluminium is also a recycling champion. One of aluminium's most outstanding properties is that it can be recycled up to 100% without quality loss. 95% of energy can be saved in production with recycling aluminium. 

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