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Gypsum fiber inspection chamber

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Pesaro, Italy
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Gypsum fiber inspection chamber
Gypsum fiber

The trapdoors of flat series are made with plates of plaster fiber of the thickness of 12.5mm compatible with the types of the other plates. Made with method resting on inclined cut.
- Without problems of detachment of the plaster from metal profiles
- Without problems of loosening of the springs and then the cover
- Resistant to shock and falls because made in plaster fiber
- Simple, effective, practical and economic
- Without finishing problems because the painting roller covers any difference of surfaces and from that of the plasterboard.
Material: The plaster fiber is a material consisting of a homogeneous mixture of gypsum (about 80%) and high quality cellulose fiber (20% recycled paper). The mixture is mixed with water and compressed to high pressure, so as to form plates and resistant monolithic, subsequently dried and cut.
Density: 1000 – 1250 Kg/m³
Thermal conductivity λ: 0.30 W/mK
Resistance to water vapor diffusion μ : 21
Reaction to fire (EN 13501): A2-s1 d0
Dimensional Change: 0:30 mm / m (at 20 ° C and variation in relative air humidity of 30%)
Hardness: ca. 750 N
Flexural strength F m, test: ≥ 5.8 N/ mm2 (after drying at 40° C)
Flexural strength F m, k: 4,5 N/mm²
Compressive strength: 7.5 N/mm²
Tensile strength: 2.3 N/mm²
Elastic modulus (bending): 3900 N/ mm²

Further info from manufacturer on INSPECTION FLAT
PIATTAGF30X30 - flat trapdoor: 30 X 30 50 X 50
PIATTAGF40X40 - flat trapdoor: 40 X 40 60 X 60
PIATTAGF50X50 - flat trapdoor: 50 X 50 70 X 70
PIATTAGF60X60 - flat trapdoor: 60 X 60 80 X 80

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