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progeCAD 2017 Professional


2D & 3D CAD technical design

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progeCAD 2017 Professional is a general-purpose DWG/DXF-native CAD, fully compatible with AutoCAD® and other CAD programs supporting DWG/DXF file formats.
The new software version ensures full integration with the Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 operating systems; supports all AutoCAD® DWG drawing files versions 2.5 - 2017 sparing the necessity of time-consuming file conversion and incompatibility issues. The graphical interface look-and-feel as well as the way you use commands, menus, scripts, fonts, hatches and linetypes immediately recall the AutoCAD® environment, which is no doubt a benefit for a user accustomed to the industry standard software allowing him to get started almost without any training.
progeCAD 2017 Professional is a versatile software application for production of technical drawings in the architectural, engineering, design and mechanical sectors. progeCAD facilitates the organization of the whole design process, from idea to its actual realization, maintaining a high level of accuracy and precision at all the stages.

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progeCAD is equipped not only with the generic CAD features, but also with such advanced tools as:

Ribbon and Classic GUI
progeCAD supports both common Menu interfaces: the Classic one based on the standard toolbar and the new up-to-date Ribbon-based menu as of Microsoft Office® or AutoCAD®. Ribbons use tabs to expose different sets of controls, eliminating the need for many parallel toolbars. Customizable through CUI Files. Users accustomed to the classic Drop-Down menu and Toolbars can still stick to their preferred style.
64-bit and multi-core Support
progeCAD 2017 evolves to offer native 64-bit and multi-core support with improved memory management. Handling of large drawing files gets much more efficient on 64-bit machines, while performance when opening or regenerating progeCAD drawing files has been enhanced by 1.5-3 times on multi-core computers
PointCloud Import
Import and display PCG or ISD data files from 3D laser scanners. Point Clouds can serve a wide range of purposes, including creation of 3D CAD models out of manufactured products, for metrology/quality inspection, and in a multitude of visualization, animation, rendering and mass customization applications.
Table styles
To create and easily format Tables in drawings. A table style enables to specify different cell styles for each row allowing to display different justification and appearance for text and gridlines. Tables are formatted according to their styles and you can apply to individual cells, rows, or columns your formatting overriding the formatting that comes from the table style.
Nuovo blocco di testo
It is a new tool introduced to facilitate the files interchange with other DWG/DXF/DNG-based CAD software. Allows to easily convert drawings between different DWG,DXF,DGN versions.
DWF/DWFx Converter
Converts DWF and DWFx files to fully editable drawings in the following file formats: DWG, DXF, DAE, DGN, 3DS
PDF to DWG Converter
It is the tool to convert PDF files to editable DWG drawings. The PDF to CAD feature allows to save time by easily transferring projects, drawings, parts of existing in vectorial PDFs catalogues and manuals to CAD drawings to use them as native DWG files. Compatible with Layered PDF, it allows to preserve the same Layer scheme of the PDF document when converting it to a DWG drawing.
ACIS Solids
Reading and writing of 3D solid objects with ACIS libraries (the same of AutoCAD®) for easier 3D modelling and sharing with multiple software applications that support the ACIS technology.
Image Management
Insertion, editing and printing of raster images (from scanner, photos, Internet) in your drawings, including the possibility of rectangular or polygonal clipping of images. The program supports over 50 file formats, among which the ECW and JPEG2000 georeferenced image file formats.
Advanced Rendering
Based on the Ray-Tracing algorithm, photorealistic rendering supports light and shade, reflection and transparency effects, materials customizable with different effects. The user can export his rendering to JPEG, TIFF, TGA, PNG and BMP file formats and save images with custom resolution using the library of preset materials.
Cloud integration
Enhance collaboration and simplify teamwork through an easy reach to drawings! progeCAD Cloud supports the major cloud services for file sharing and syncing like DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive.
Dynamic Input
The command line interface at the crosshair is an alternative way to enter commands and coordinates with interactive display of changes; configurable according to the personal or company standards.
Dynamic UCS
Speeding up 3D modelling, this feature automatically creates a temporary plane to draw on, so there is no need to constantly specify a new UCS to change views.
EasyArch 3D plug-in
EasyArch 3D, the automated building plug-in, is intended to increase productivity in home and interior design or remodelling. The plugin offers a completely renewed interface, more parametric objects, the Metric and Imperial measurement systems and 3D design possibilities, as now both 2D and 3D modes supported.
3D PDF Export
It allows you to obtain an interactive 3D model of a project, displayable and editable with the free Adobe® Reader®/Adobe Reader DC program. This is a stunning tool for better communication and sharing of your projects among your colleagues and clients.
The module for ready-made and personal block libraries management with over 22,000 blocks included: construction, architectural, ANSI-ISO and DIN-ISO mechanics, ANSI and IEC electrical, electronic, steel profiles, furniture, kitchen. The module also provides exclusive free access to the TraceParts and Cadenas portals. Customers can easily download and insert millions of producer standard parts and normalized symbols in their drawings.
progeCAD’s raster to vector tool converts raster images to editable vector representations.

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