Quasar CRYSTAL GALAXY | Pendant lamp

Nickel pendant lamp with Swarovski® Crystals

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Giessen, Netherlands
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CRYSTAL GALAXY | Pendant lamp


Nickel pendant lamp with Swarovski® Crystals



Crystal Galaxy - suspended lamp
Sizes: diameter 40-200cm, height 40-200cm
Socket sizes: 
d. 40cm, 30xE10 12V/2W krypton o 30xLED 0,3W - 2600-2700K, 450lm

d. 60cm, 45xE10 12V/2W krypton o 45xLED 0,3W  - 2600-2700K, 675lm

d. 80cm, 60xE10 12V/2W krypton o 60xLED 0,3W - 2600-2700K, 900lm

d.100cm, 72xE10 12V/2W krypton o 72xLED 0,3W - 2600-2700K, 1080lm

d.120cm, 108xE10 12V/2W krypton o 108xLED 0,3W - 2600-2700k, 1620lm

d.140cm, 144xE10 12V/2W krypton o 144xLED 0,3W - 2600-2700k, 2160lm

d.160cm, 158xE10 12V/2W krypton or 158xLED 0,3W - 2600-2700K, 2370lm

d.180cm, 168xE10 12V/2W krypton or 168xLED 0,3W - 2600-2700K, 2520lm

d.200cm, 180xE10 12V/2W krypton o 180xLED 0,3W - 2600-2700K, 2700lm

Material: nickel, with Asfour crystal

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