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Porcelain stoneware flooring with wood effect

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Modena, Italy
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Porcelain stoneware flooring with wood effect
Porcelain stoneware
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Woodtale is inspired by salvaged oak, suitably restored and worked, and offers a very attractive "distressed look" typical of time-worn wood. The planks of different widths resemble wood in ambery shades, with the typical marks left by time.
Each board has veins, cracks and knots which make it unique and precious; the surface is soft to the touch to give added vigour to the material, with a wide range of colour variation that emphasises the difference in patterning between one plank and the next.
The colour range comprises 5 shades : Betulla, Miele, Nocciola, Quercia and Noce; all ideal for furnishing interiors in contemporary style, creating intimate, comfortable ambiences.
The result is a collection of immense personality, with natural hues that evoke warmth, sophistication and fine workmanship, where every plank becomes the perfect background for creating a delightful combination of past and present.
Thanks to its impressive transversality this collection can be used in any context, from the most traditional to the most modern and from residential to light commercial. Exquisite effects can also be created using combinations with other materials (concrete-stone-marble) which emphasise the natural appeal of its surface and underline its beauty.

Through-body coloured fine porcelain stoneware.

An eco-sustainable product created with a closed cycle production process and containing recycled material.

10.5 mm
20 mm in XT version, extra-thick for even dry installation.

Soft and substantial for the indoor version (30x120, 20x150 and 15x120), antislip and rougher for the outdoor version (XT20)

Betulla, Miele, Nocciola, Quercia, Noce

This series was conceived mainly as a floor covering.
The 20x120 and 15x120 sizes are also suitable for walls.
Suitable uses include:
Residential (Dining and living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms).
Light Commercial (shops, bistros, lounge bars, restaurants)
Outdoors: patios, balconies, verandas and gardens.

Further info from manufacturer on WOODTALE
30x120, 20x120, 15x120, 60x60 XT20 rectified

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