Cement-based waterproofing system

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Como, Italy
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Cement-based waterproofing system

Waterproof concrete structures are by no means an invention of the modern era. The aqueducts, potable water cisterns and baths of antiquity, some of which are still operational even today, testify to this technology‘s age-old tradition.
The great advances made by the master builders of that time and in the intervening centuries have culminated in products and systems which, today, seem to off er limitless potential. Yet, despite all the available technical innovation, modern-day construction practice often fails to match the quality and durability of these ancient structures. The most frequent cause of these shortcomings is the belated – or even lack of any – waterproofing provision during the design process. 

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Further details
The earlier our specialists are involved in the design process, the easier it is to capitalize on all the benefi ts off ered by the system, such as:
- Savings on concrete, reinforcement and work execution
- Weather-independent system
- Shorter construction times possible
- Full, up to ten-year guarantee for watertight structure
-Fixed price for entire work package
- No need for alternate bay („chequer-board“) construction or shrinkage gaps
The success of a waterproof concrete basement solution depends on the proper co-ordination of three key factors: concrete, joints/penetrations and detailing. Prior to the start of design work, the client needs to provide a clear specifi cation of the waterproofi ng performance required for each particular part of the structure. Only when the requirements placed on the waterproofing concept have been defi ned, work can commence on designing an integral scheme that takes account of groundwater/gravitational water conditions, building geometry, construction programme and various other factors. Our in-depth waterproofi ng expertise enables us to analyse all the parameters and pinpoint the optimum solution for any particular case. Our detailed tenders also include CAD production drawings.
Concrete quality
Concrete quality is key in determining the waterproofi ng performance of a concrete structure. The specifi cation of concrete type and workmanship thus demands the utmost care. The use of concrete with a relatively low compressive strength and high resistance to water penetration, e.g. a C25/30 grade to EN 206-1 with water penetration ew≤ 50 mm to EN 12 390-8, is recommended. The certifi cation of watertightness should not be based on standards, such as the Swiss SIA 262/1, that only consider water permeability in the absence of hydrostatic pressure.
Site operations
When all the necessary design details are complete, our specialists on site ensure that the specifi ed works are executed on time and in accordance with best practice.
Our consistently high quality is maintained by regular staff training and development programmes. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience, our highly skilled operatives are committed to meeting the very highest standards of practice. What better guarantee for impeccable workmanship across the board.
Quality assurance is essential in achieving the specifi ed standards of work execution. These activities are performed all the way through to acceptance, handover and the start of the defectsliability period. Our specialists also supervise works performed by third-party contractors, e.g. concrete placing, fresh concrete testing and concrete curing.

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