Rascor RASCOtec®

Hydro-expansive waterstop for construction joints

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Como, Italy
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Hydro-expansive waterstop for construction joints

From a technical point of view, injection systems are widely recognized as the number-one solution for waterproofing buildings exposed to hydrostatic pressure!

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Rascor injection system
The RASCOtec injection systems feature a range of different units for specific functions, which – after installation and grouting – combine to provide highly professional, integral waterproofings. The key advantage of the RASCOtec systems lies in their ability to accommodate very large joint movements thanks to the special geometry of the sections, which are in direct contact with the joint, are likewise fi lled with hydrophilic acrylic and thereby form a grout reservoir. RASCOR‘s unique detail solutions underline the company‘s supreme technological standards in the field of waterproofing.
Construction joints
Construction joints are easily and dependably waterproofed using RASCOtec injection channels. These are fi xed to the existing concrete fabric in the construction joint and cast in with the following pour.
Dummy joints for crack control
By ensuring controlled crack formation at predetermined locations, RASCOtec crack inducer units allow the uninterrupted casting of concrete bays of unlimited size. This shortens construction times and may also reduce the reinforcement requirement!
Whatever their size, shape or constituent material, structural penetrations can be simply, reliably and permanently sealed using RASCOtec injection collars. The RASCOtec multiple-penetration units cater for several penetrations at the same location, e.g. bunches of pipes for borehole heat exchangers.
Movement joints
Movement joints are the most diffi cult joint types in any waterproofing concept. The RASCOtec expansion joint unit, which is freely combinable with the other joint systems, was specially developed for incorporation in structural expansion joints.
Alongside reliable components and fixtures for incorporation in the structure, any fully fl edged, state-of-the-art waterproofi ng system also requires properly co-ordinated, best-in-class grouting products. Here, the RASCOflex resin grouts fi t the bill in every respect.

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