Renovating and de-humidifying additive and plaster

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Renovating and de-humidifying additive and plaster

Funcosil FC is a special product for hydrophobizing impregnation of brick, clinker, sandlime brick, silicate types of natural stone, e.g. OBERNKIRCHENER SAND-STEIN® and mineral render.

- Reduction of water absorption with simultaneous
- high diffusion capacity
- Excellent penetration capacity
- Best possible resistance against alkalis
- Strong protective effect against frost/de-icing salt loads
- Cream form and can therefore be applied without loss
- Can be worked over-head
- Early rain tight

Funcosil FC is excellently suited for hydrophobizing mineral building materials. As opposed to conventional liquid products, Funcosil FC can be ap-plied in just one working operation. Depending on porosity, the active ingredient penetrates into the substrate where it reacts and becomes a polysiloxane. The initially white layer disappears completely after approx. 10 to 20 minutes.
Funcosil FC has been designed so that the active ingredient pene-trates as deeply as possible into the facade which provides optimal protection against the absorption of water and pollutants and there-fore also damage caused by frost/deicing salt. Funcosil FC’s water repelling ef-fect takes longer to develop and is improved by rain.

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