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Rexa DesignR1 | Washbasin countertop

Single marble washbasin countertop

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Rexa Design

San Quirino, Italy
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R1 | Washbasin countertop
Single marble washbasin countertop

Thanks of its sizes, materials, finishing and opening details, R1 is an easy modular collection designed by Monica Graffeo for rexa design.
Rexa Design world contemplate different kind of collections , from the warm one, focalized on the materials, to the clear and shining one. A cross universe, where elements from different collections can be mixed up together in order to create a kind of abacus, an alphabet that permits to realize a custommade atmosphere.
R1 is the fi rs t really complete project of Rexa Design, R1 means “Rexa 1”, i t includes vanity uni ts and several functional elements such as bathtub, shower tray and basins. R1 adds itself to Moode, Fonte, Esperanto and to the new Hammam collections, that way permi ts to have every kind of elements needed to compose a complete bathroom project, able to satisfy any expectation of a private home and residential project request. R1 is a simple and linear collection, with a clear architectural sign.
Crossing colors and finishing, dimensions and opening types , R1 permi ts to have unlimi ted solutions for your composition, using different kind of uni ts, bathtub, basins, shower trays , mi rrors and lighting for the bathroom. The collection propose from the entry-level finishing, like the laminate, to the sophisticated one like marble and Corian.

R1 includes a new collection of basins made in white or colored Corian, Korakril Pure White and in the new finishing combined together, like for example marble with Corian.
Matching the colors and the new materials you can easily personalize your own composi tion. Basins , and the bathtub as well, can be made in Corian covered outside by marble. Marble used for covering is a rich and his torical material, like for example the “emperador” and the “grigio carnico” marble. Corian is used to realize a clean and minimal basin, meanwhile the marble defines the external surface. The integrated tops wi th basins are made in Corian, marble, mineral marble and grani te.

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