Rezina TESSILE | Protective varnish

Protective varnish

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Turin, Italy
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TESSILE | Protective varnish


Protective varnish

REZINA Tessile®, fabric discovers new uses.
It’s called Rezina Tessile®, the new and exclusive product patented by Rezina and presented during MADE Expo 2011.
A new way of conceiving resin floors, which reaffirms the Company as a market player with fantastic capacities for innovation and with a well-established background that guarantees very high quality standards.
But what does Rezina Tessile® mean?
It means being able to give a new interpretation to interior decoration, increasingly strengthening that link between fashion and furnishings characteristic of these last few years. Home and public spaces become meeting places that can represent the very personality of those who inhabit them and gather there, and the finishes, just like the complements, literally dress up otherwise anonymous surroundings, giving them a unique and unrepeatable individuality.
Concretely Rezina Tessile® represents the possibility of covering different surfaces (floors, stairs, furniture, and even shower interiors) with any type of fabric, as long as it is natural fibre, fixing it with an exclusive resin with innovative technical features. Rezina has in fact patented a specific finish for textile coatings thanks to which, once laid, the fabric used keeps most of its naturalness, both tactical and optical, reaffirming the decidedly contemporary partiality for never using artificial surfaces.
At the technical level, product and fabric become one, guaranteeing high mechanical qualities and excellent resistance to wear and processing, and great ease of cleaning.
Characteristics that give Rezina Tessile® its absolute practicality, and that’s not easy.
With Rezina Tessile® the possibility of personalising your space crosses new frontiers, reaffirming a capacity for innovation characterised by quality that is typically and unfailingly Made in Italy.

Patented innovative product with exceptional incorporation characteristics, glues all natural fibres perfectly to the foundation. The main characteristic is that of toning very little and maintaining as natural as possible the aesthetic effect of the fabric used. Product and fabric become one thanks to special additives mixed immediately before application. This reaction gives the product very high mechanical resistance, which, during drying, reaches the maximum value after 7 days at 20°C. For any surfaces such as floors, coverings, staircases, furniture and shower interiors. Reserved for highly specialist and certified Rezina applicators who will be able to carry out application only after an adequate training course. Complex quadri-component coemulsion in a water-based dispersion. The product should only be prepared a few hours before laying so as to allow the use of an unstable mix.

Rezina® Textile Collection by Rezina
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