Shower fabric wall tiles

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Turin, Italy
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Shower fabric wall tiles



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REZINA Tessile®, fabric discovers new uses.
It’s called Rezina Tessile®, the new and exclusive product patented by Rezina and presented during MADE Expo 2011.
A new way of conceiving resin floors, which reaffirms the Company as a market player with fantastic capacities for innovation and with a well-established background that guarantees very high quality standards.
But what does Rezina Tessile® mean?
It means being able to give a new interpretation to interior decoration, increasingly strengthening that link between fashion and furnishings characteristic of these last few years. Home and public spaces become meeting places that can represent the very personality of those who inhabit them and gather there, and the finishes, just like the complements, literally dress up otherwise anonymous surroundings, giving them a unique and unrepeatable individuality.
Concretely Rezina Tessile® represents the possibility of covering different surfaces (floors, stairs, furniture, and even shower interiors) with any type of fabric, as long as it is natural fibre, fixing it with an exclusive resin with innovative technical features. Rezina has in fact patented a specific finish for textile coatings thanks to which, once laid, the fabric used keeps most of its naturalness, both tactical and optical, reaffirming the decidedly contemporary partiality for never using artificial surfaces.
At the technical level, product and fabric become one, guaranteeing high mechanical qualities and excellent resistance to wear and processing, and great ease of cleaning.
Characteristics that give Rezina Tessile® its absolute practicality, and that’s not easy.
With Rezina Tessile® the possibility of personalising your space crosses new frontiers, reaffirming a capacity for innovation characterised by quality that is typically and unfailingly Made in Italy.

TESSILE SHOWER: a new way to design intimate spaces.

Rezina Tessile® is the name of this exclusive product patented by Rezina.
A new way to design resin floors and coatings, reconfirming Rezina as the market leading company for its innovative concepts and strong history of guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

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What does Rezina Tessile® mean?

It means seeing interior decoration in a new light, intensifying even more the link between fashion and furniture that is so distinctive of recent times. Homes and public areas become meeting places, reflecting the personality of those who live and go there. Finishes and accessories thus dress otherwise bland environments, giving them a unique and unrepeatable distinctiveness.

Rezina Tessile® essentially offers the opportunity of coating various surfaces - floors, walls, stairs, furniture, shower interiors and any other hard surface, as long as it can be overcoated - with any kind of natural-fibre fabric, simply fixing the latter with an exclusive resin featuring innovative technical performances. Indeed Rezina has patented a special finish for textile coatings, which preserves the maximum tactile and visual naturalness of the fabric once it has been applied, renewing its contemporary passion for ever natural surfaces.

Rezina attains its ultimate goal with Tessile Shower, presented at Milan's furniture trade fair, the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2016. A new way of designing intimate spaces, dressing walls in made-to-measure fabrics, where product design forms a harmonious whole with the body. Tactile sensations, visual complicity with intense colours and trendy patterns transform waterproof walls into the modern canvas of an artist. Homes dressed in fashionable shades become unique places to live and experiment - an emotional inspiration emerging from the union of experience, talent and product knowledge.

The coating technically becomes one with the fabric, guaranteeing high mechanical properties and excellent durability, and making it very easy to clean.
Special features that determine the absolute practicality of Rezina Tessile ®.

The opportunity to design your own space reaches new heights with Rezina Tessile®, confirming our passion for innovation and ultimate quality Made in Italy.

Rezina® Textile Collection by Rezina
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