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Air and/or water cooled centrifugal fan POOL DEHUMIDIFIERS. Range with scroll hermetic compressors and R410A refrigerant gas.

• Frame and load-bearing structure: extruded profiles aluminium alloy with a cross section of 40 x 40 mm, thermal cut-type with concealed screws. Balloon sealing gaskets fitted onto the profile. • Aluminium base.
• Panelling: 25 mm double sheet steel (galvanised steel plate on the inside and pre-painted with RAL 9002 on the outside). Hot-injected polyurethane insulation (average density 40 kg/m³).
• Compressor: scroll type, rotary, hermetic complete with thermal protection and casing heater.
• Evaporating coil: made with copper pipes and fins with a condensate drain pan.
• Condensing coil: made with copper pipes and aluminium fins.
• Water side heat exchanger (DRESY-DTESY-DEESY): braze-welded plates in special stainless steel for chlorinated water or tube and shell in Cu/Ni for water treated with saline chlorination. The heat exchanger in the DEESY models features stainless steel braze-welded plates that are not suitable for chlorinated water. Water flow differential pressure switch.
• Fan: double intake centrifugal fan with external motor and belt transmission with variable-pitch pulleys. Standard set up with vertical air delivery.
Available static pressure of 100 Pa.
• Filters: class G3 fitted inside the intake.
• Cooling circuit: separate from the aeraulic circuit and complete with a dryer filter, humidity indicator, high and low gas pressure gauges, load connections, high and low pressure side safety pressure switch, thermostatic expansion valve, liquid receiver (DRESY-DTESY-DEESY version), high pressure safety valve and R410A refrigerant load.
• Electrical panel: set up for 230V-1ph+N-50Hz power supply (mod. 108 single-phase) and 400V-3ph+N-50Hz (mod. 108÷2140 three-phase). It is complete with master switch with door-lock device, circuit breaker switches, power contactors, auxiliary circuit protection fuses, microprocessor electronic control board.
• DAESY: dehumidifier with 100% pool air side heat exchange.
• DRESY: dehumidifier with 45% pool water side recovery unit.
• DTESY: dehumidifier with 100% pool water side recovery unit.
• DEESY: dehumidifier with 100% pool water side recovery unit and possibility of 100% heat exchange on an external dry-cooler.

Further info from manufacturer on DAESY-DRESY-DTESY-DEESY 108÷2140

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