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Heat pump

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Codroipo, Italy
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Heat pump

Modular reversible heat pumps for high temperature water production, air cooled with axial fans. Range with hermetic Scroll compressors and R410A refrigerant gas.

Construction features
• Compressors: hermetic Scroll type rotary compressors with steam injection, thermal protection and crankcase heater.
• Water side heat exchanger: adequately insulated stainless steel plate heat exchanger, complete with antifreeze heater and water flow differential pressure switch.
• Air side heat exchanger: finned coil heat exchanger, with copper pipes and aluminium fins with hydrophilic treatment. Supplied outdoor air temperature probe for set-point compensation.
• Fan: axial electric fan with external rotor and permanent magnet motor (EC brushless) for electronic speed control, equipped with internal thermal protection and protective grilles.
• Control: microprocessor electronic control with Adaptive Function Plus logic.
• Structure: suitably sound-proofed, galvanised and painted stainless steel plate, complete with anti-freeze heater on the condensation drain pan.

• T - High efficiency/temperature version.

Set up
• PUMP P1 - Unit complete with: circulation electric pump and manual air bleed valve.
• PUMP P1 V3V - Unit complete with: circulation electric pump, manual air bleed valve, 3-way diverter valve for the production of domestic hot water.
• PUMP P1 DS - Unit complete with: circulation electric pump to the main heat exchanger, manual air bleed valve and desuperheater complete with antifreeze heater.

MANDATORY loose supplied kits
• Remote keyboard with back-lit LCD display, which can be wall-mounted or installed on the machine.
• Side plugging panels.

MANDATORY loose supplied kits
in case of several modules installed in parallel
• Connection hoses between modules.
• Panels and telephone cables for module connection.

Further info from manufacturer on POKER THAETY 234 HT

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