Heat recovery unit

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Heat recovery unit

Regenerative heat recovery.

Total comfort has become a must even in the summer, both for new and renovated systems.
Workplaces, shopping centres, systems with public access cannot omit this type of treatment.
To control humidity correctly (essential parameter for summer comfort), set the air at a temperature between 14 and 12°C in order to cope with the latent load. This however requires reheating the air in order to obtain a delivery temperature between 18 and 23°C depending on the type of system.
This way, a hot source is also required in the summer (boilers, electric coils). This is not always possible and unfavourable in terms of energy.
The RIGENERA range solves this problem by providing the reheating heat free of charge, exploiting the temperature difference available to the expulsion flow.
This guarantees summer comfort also in existing systems supplied by heat pumps in traditional 2-pipe systems.
Immediate benefits:
• Summer energy savings (intended as total power saved) ranging from 15% for primary air systems to 35% for full air systems.
• Modulating and free control of summer reheating for accurate control of the air intake temperature, using the regeneration of the delivery and expulsion flows without requiring hot springs.
• Twice the winter efficiency thanks to the crossed flow recover unit (standard), which guarantees up to 70% efficiency.
• The Full Control option allows you to obtain maximum energy savings compatible with the desired heat and hygrometric comfort: no waste at all.
• The RIGENERA units can be equipped with the H.A.W.T sanitation system on the air side for full microbiological control.

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