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RhossUTNR-A - UTNR-P 033÷530

Heat recovery unit

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Codroipo, Italy
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UTNR-A - UTNR-P 033÷530
Heat recovery unit

Fresh air terminal units with cross flow static heat recovery.

Construction features
• Recovery unit: high yield static type with aluminium plates (UTNR-A) or on special paper (UTNR-P) with air flows kept separate by specific sealing. The recovery unit can be removed from the lower part in the horizontal configuration.
• Fans: fresh air inlet and double intake centrifugal expulsion type (for model 033 simple intake) with a directly coupled electric motor. Fan unit installed on anti-vibration mounts to prevent vibrations being transmitted.
• Structure: load-bearing structure and side panels (can be removed completely in the horizontal configuration) in Aluzink sheet metal.
• Filtering section: consisting of two filters (one on the fresh air intake and one on the ambient inlet), both renewable acrylic class G4 with very contained pressure drops. Laterally removable filters in the horizontal configuration. 
• Insulation: acoustic and thermal panel insulation with polyethylene/polyester having an average thickness of 20 mm.
• Terminal block: already present on the machine to facilitate the electrical connections.
• Condensation drain pan: made of ABS with condensation drain connection from the bottom.
• Free cooling or thawing bypass: a bypass system can be set up in the horizontal configuration for models 110÷530 to control the free cooling or thawing thanks to a suitable pre-cut.

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