Rhoss UTNR-HE Platinum 040÷500

Heat recovery unit

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Codroipo, Italy
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UTNR-HE Platinum 040÷500


Heat recovery unit

Fresh air terminal unit with enthalpy rotary heat recovery.

Construction features
• Recovery unit: high yield rotary type made of aluminium with hygroscopic surface. Electric induction motor with belt and pulley transmission. Recovery unit-motor group easily removed from the side for periodic maintenance.
• Fans: fresh air inlet and double intake centrifugal expulsion type (for model 033 simple intake) with a directly coupled electric motor. Fan unit installed on anti-vibration mountings to prevent vibrations being transmitted.
• Structure: side panels that can be removed completely in Aluzink sheet metal.
• Filtering section: consisting of two class G4 filters (one on the fresh air intake and one on the ambient inlet), both can be removed from the side.
• Insulation: acoustic and thermal panel insulation with polyethylene/polyester having an average thickness of 20 mm.
• Terminal block: already present on the machine to facilitate the electrical connections, fan controls and rotary recovery.

• UTNR-HE/O PLATINUM - Recovery unit with rotary heat exchanger, installed horizontally and with standard multi-speed fans
• UTNRE-A/O PLATINUM - Recovery unit with rotary heat exchanger, installed horizontally and with Brushless EC fans that can reduce the consumed power for ventilation at equal performance.
Available orientation
• 01 - Right-hand connections
• 02 - Left connections side
The selected orientation must be indicated for the job order to be fulfilled.
• EXT- Outdoor installation

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