Rhoss UTNR-HP 035÷450

Heat recovery unit

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Codroipo, Italy
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UTNR-HP 035÷450


Heat recovery unit

Fresh air terminal units with two-stage heat recovery unit.

Construction features
• Recovery unit:
- First stage of the cross flow air-air static heat recovery with aluminium heat exchanger plates; lower condensation drain pan along the entire heat treatment area.
- Second stage of the active thermodynamic heat recovery unit with heat pump cooling circuit (with R410A gas) consisting of hermetic compressor (rotary or scroll type depending on the unit size), evaporating and condensing coils with copper pipes and continuous aluminium fins, electronic expansion valve, liquid separator and receiver, 4-way valve for cycle inversion, high and low pressure switches, freon filter and liquid indicator.
• Fans: fresh air inlet and double intake centrifugal expulsion type with a directly coupled electric motor. Fan unit installed on anti-vibration mountings to prevent vibrations being transmitted.
• Structure and panels: frame made with extruded aluminium profile, Anticorodal 63 alloy, with preloaded nylon angular joints. Sandwich damping panels, 23 mm thick, made internally with galvanised sheet steel and externally with galvanised pre-painted sheet steel (RAL 9002), with thermal and acoustic insulation made of injected polyurethane, whose density is 45 kg/m3.
• Filtering section: consisting of two class G4 filters (one on the fresh air intake and one on the ambient inlet), both can be removed from the bottom and the side.
• Electrical panel: with integrated adjustment and power; NTC temperature probes on both the supply and return air circuits; microprocessor electronic control for automatic room temperature management, winter/summer switch and defrosting cycles; remote control panel from up to 20 m from the unit, already equipped with Modbus RTU protocol for communication with the supervision system.

• UTNR-HP 01, 03 – Cross flow and active thermodynamic heat recovery unit with double heat exchanger with 01 or 03 orientation.

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