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RhossUTNR-X Micro 20-40

Heat recovery unit

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Codroipo, Italy
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UTNR-X Micro 20-40
Heat recovery unit

Fresh air unit complete with enthalpy type of heat recovery unit that allows the sensitive heat and the latent heat from the expelled air, resulting in much of the moisture. This increases ambient comfort, especially in winter, thereby preventing the air from becoming too dry.

Construction features
• Recovery unit: static heat exchanger with a patented cross flow counterflow polymer membrane with very high efficiency.
This innovative heat exchanger is equipped with a semi-permeable membrane that allows moisture and the vapour barrier to be transferred and inhibits the transfer of air, odours and general contaminants present in it. The antimicrobial characteristics of the heat exchanger inhibit mould and bacteria from spreading.
The heat exchanger pack is easily washed with water.
• Free Cooling: built into the unit with a wide air passage and damper with a motorised actuator.
• Fans: fresh and expulsion air plenum fan Brushless type with electronic motor and modulating control. Very high efficiency and low noise levels.
• Structure: self-bearing structure in hot galvanised sheet steel. Panelling is made of double-walled sandwich with internal galvanised finish and painted externally. The insulation of the panels consists of high-performance 20-mm thick insulation.
• Filtering section: consisting of class G7 high efficiency filters with very low pressure drops. All filters are easily removed for the horizontal and vertical installation.
• Electrical panel and adjustment: 
Complete electrical panel complete with a board for 3 speed fan control, antifreeze and manual free-cooling control.
Control via digital contacts.
Electrical panel on the unit with a microprocessor and specific regulation. Modulating fan control, display of the temperature probes inside the machine, monitoring of the dirty filters and automatic control of the free-cooling with temperature probes.
Large graphical interface with multi-language user menu and configuration menu. Possibility of connecting a remote keypad.

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