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Condensation boiler

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Condensation boiler


Stainless Steel

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In addition to the primary exchanger Amami 34 plus is equipped with a second domestic hot water exchanger that condenses even during domestic hot water production. This additional element is able to recover additional energy, which would otherwise be lost, bringing down the gas flue outlet temperature to 27°C, therefore little heat is dissipated. The most advanced technology to ensure maximum comfort and savings.

Input Hs CH 32 kW
Qn Input Hi CH 28,8 kW
Qnw Input Hi DHW 34,2 kW
Efficiency class according EEC 92/42 ****
Efficiency according EN677 (Hi/partial load) (ST/DT =36/30°C) 109,7%
Efficiency according EN677 (Hi/full load) (ST/DT =80/60°C) 97,9%
Modulation range CH (ST/DT=80/60°C) Heat. 6,1 - 28,2 kW
Modulation range CH (ST/DT=36/30°C) Heat. 6,7 - 30,8 kW
Pollution class Nox class EN 483 5
CO₂ % 9
O₂ % 4,7
Flue gas temperature CH on full load (ST/DT=80/60°C) 68°C
Flue gas temperature CH on reduced load (ST/DT=50/30°C) 31°C
Flue gas flow rate CH on full load (humid) Heat./Dom. 47,4/57,3 kg/h
Residual flue gas on discharge Pa 86
Gas consumption G20 CH at 1.013 mbar 15°C (Domestic) m³/h 3,05 (3,62)
Nominal gas pressure supply mbar 20
Appliance type B23, B33, C13, C33, C43, C53, C63, C83, C93
Max electric power consumption W 102
Electric power consumption partial load W 29
Electric power consumption stand by W 3,7
Current V/Hz 230+10%-15%/50Hz
Degree of protection according EN 60529 IPX4D (IPX0D for B23 and B33 device class)
Weight (empty) 45 kg
Water content CH l 4,8
Water content DHW l 1.3
Content expansion vessel l 12
Max settable temperature 85°C
Pump model Constant Speed
Pump head available for external circuit 20 kPa
DHW flow (∆T=38°C) l/min 13,8
DHW flow (∆T=25°C) l/min 20,9
EC product identification number (PIN) 0063BT3195

Further info from manufacturer on AMAMI 34 PLUS
W 500 mm
H 870 mm
D 395 mm

Condensation boilers - Domestic Range Collection by Rinnai Italia
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