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Wooden sculpture

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Riva 1920

Cantù, Italy
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Wooden sculpture




The flowing lines of the 1947 Cisitalia 202 have been cut into the wood to create a work of art apparently modelled on nature, just as time and tide have left their marks on these poles were for decades the Venetian gondoliers moored their boats.  We chose the Cisitalia because we wanted to replicate in the form of wooden sculpture the shape of a dream-car, of a timeless beauty, described in its time as a “sculpture in motion”.  It is a legendary masterpiece of Italian production, a symbol of Pininfarina’s internationally recognised design skills.  Indeed, the Cisitalia 202 is still today exhibited at New York’s MoMA, where it is defined as “one of the eight most beautiful cars of our time”.  “We are grateful to Riva1920 for this initiative that gives us the chance of saving a noble material that would otherwise be destroyed and thereby giving it a new life by making it into a new and durable object. At that is not all. The complex and delicate craftsmanship of our team ensures that the Cisitalia-Briccola is a unique object capable of expressing the values of creativity and experience united with tradition, in accordance with the design philosophy of Pininfarina”.  Paolo Pininfarina

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H. 105 - L. 78 - P / W. 28 CM
Dimensions CISITALIA 202

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