ROCA SANITARIO L90 | Washbasin mixer

Countertop 1 hole washbasin mixer

  • Collection L90

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Casarile, Italy


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L90 | Washbasin mixer


Countertop 1 hole washbasin mixer


Stainless Steel

Committed to the perfection of a finish that whisks us away to a universe governed by technology. Angles, straight lines and planes follow one another in this collection. This collection is a singular style proposal, particularly recommended for those who love designs that are inspired by urban life.

L90 is a new series of hybrid taps which is characterized by clean lines and a minimalist design. Pressing a button placed on one side, it allows to be used in manual or electronic. The innovative technology inside allows savings of 50% of water compared to conventional taps. Finishes: Chrome and Black Ice Versions: 5 for washbasin, bidet 2, 2-bath shower, 2 shower.

L90 Collection by ROCA SANITARIO
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