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Heat pump and geothermal terminal

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Heat pump and geothermal terminal

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Actea SI is the geothermal inverter heat pump suitable for heating and cooling and the production of sanitary hot water with integrated accumulation.
The range, available in models from 6 9 19 in kW, allows you to cover many needs: feeding radiant systems or for heating and air conditioning systems with radiators, heating swimming pools.
The intelligent electronics enables you to adapt the operation to outside weather conditions while significantly reducing energy consumption.
Stable output with geothermal energy
ACTEA geothermal heat pumps extract energy from the groundor from the groundwater and transfer it directly inside the house.
The exploitation of geothermal energy allows to obtain steadier outputs, thanks to the small heat swinging underground.
This heat is used thanks to a tube immersed in the soil, where inside circulates a fluid (water or glycol water) at a temperature below that of the soil. This tube is called a geothermal probe.
The probes for the heating
There are three methods of installation:
closed horizontal development, with digging depth of 1,2-1,5m and an absorbing surface or 2 3 times greater than the surface to be conditioned
closed loop vertical development, with drilling depth from 30 100 to m
open circuit, which uses water from groundwater and returns through a well.
The all-in-one heating system
The units Actea are designed and manufactured in Italy according to high standards of quality and safety. All you need in a heating central is included in one device.
- Coloured display for temperatures set and management
- Two inverter class A circulators on user side and source side
- Integrated insulated inertial storage tank 75 liter
- 3 exchangers specific for geothermy
- Electronic thermostatic valve
- Electrical heater management
- High efficiency inverter compressor/s
- Extensive modulation of the power output (20-100%)
- Completely acoustically insulated
- simple systems management with dual temperature
- Maximum temperature (° 60 MT) and (65 ° HT)
It will be enough to connect the pipes for heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

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