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Modular acrylic glass door canopy

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Fermo, Italy
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Modular acrylic glass door canopy

The Newentry® brand represents for us the search for functional and innovative new products. The choice of the designs and the technical solutions for each variant, make our creations unique environments that are characterized by their elegance and personality. Make your entrance the entrance of your home, to welcome you and your guests.
The name canopy (pensilina), comes from the Latin word of pensilis, and it means a covering structure projecting from a building, suitable for the protection of people and things from the sun and the rain. Its history starts back in 64 AD, when Nerone ordered some columns to be built in front of the houses to protect the Romans from the bad weather. Over the years, the canopy has been adapted to the styles of the various ages, adopting different materials: wood, wrought iron, fusions of cast iron, glass, etc, in step with the increasing industrialisation, tastes and culture. From the primeval function of being a simple shelter, it has even become an important distinctive element of fittings and decoration for the entrance of our houses. With Newentry, we believe that we have interpreted at best the present needs for security and zero maintenance. Taking advantage of the progress in the use of materials and production systems, we have created an excellent object of furnishing and personalisation, as well as a valid shelter for entrances, windows, balconies, for all tastes and in the respect of the architectonic heritage of our history.

Liberty style - Liberty style or Art Noveau, as it was also called started in 1890. It was already triumphant in the early 1900s and became a large scale style, influencing architecture, internal design, jewellery, furniture and textiles, utensils, fancy goods and lighting. One of the most important characteristics of Liberty style are the organic shapes that take inspiration from nature, translating the structural elements into dynamic and wavy lines. Simple figures come to life to evolve naturally in shapes that are similar to plants and flowers.

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