Panel for consolidation of masonry

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San Donato Milanese, Italy
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Panel for consolidation of masonry

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X Plaster W-System is the result of technological synergy of Ruredil and Bekaert that have completed the development of an innovative, versatile, practical, and powerful construction system with high certified performance for designers and enterprises. X Plaster W-System is a construction system consisting of Stucanet® plaster-holding mesh and specific Plasterwall mortar. It is easy to install and can be used on all kinds of concrete and masonry substrate, as well as on support structures such as wood or metal frame bars. X Plaster W-System uses a panel consisting of galvanized or stainless steel metal welded mesh in which a sheet of cardboard is woven to ensure mortar adhesion in the plastic phase and grip, through the holes, on the wire mesh in the hardened phase. X Plaster W-System requires a finish with fiber-reinforced plaster mortar with compensated shrinkage based on natural pozzolanic binder with installation by hand or spray that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Further details
The Stucanet® panel is extremely lightweight and durable. It weighs, depending on the types, from 1 to 1.5 kg/m2 and is made from welded carbon steel wire and zinc protection (alternatively, the stainless steel version is also available) with exceptional tensile strength. If properly positioned, it ensures high durability even outdoor and in harsh environmental conditions ensuring an excellent mechanical anchorage for Plasterwall plaster mortar and reducing the risk of surface cracks.
X Plaster W-System allows for perfect and durable finishing, depending on the characteristics of the mortar used. X Plaster W-System can be used by hand or machine and should be placed in two successive coats of 12-15 mm with about 2-3 hours intervals, with a consumption of about 0.9 Kg/sqm/mm powder and a weight of fresh mortar of about 1.1 kg/sqm/mm.
X Plaster W-System enhances the creative design and architectural freedom as it allows creating three-dimensional plaster volumes of any desired shape, both indoors and outdoors. It is recommended in plastering of arches and vaults, sloping walls, finishes under sloping roofs, ceilings, trusses, three-dimensional decorative applications in residential and non-residential buildings (restaurants, hotels), in exhibition installations, and for inventive creations in museums or recreational parks.
Fields of use

- Conservative Purpose: Stucanet® panel can be mounted on metal or wood base beams to make plasters which are detached from the original support for reasons of ventilation (ventilated walls), thermal insulation (thermal coat), or for architectural choices.
- Architectural Purpose: Stucanet® panel is easy and quick to use, as it is light enough to be handled also in confined spaces, flexible and moldable to make curved surfaces or architectural massing.

Ruredil Ring

The versatility and flexibility of the system is well represented by the RUREDIL RING installation: an interactive and engaging installation to watch and play with. Ruredil Ring is all this. This futuristic balls track was designed by the Milanese architect Danilo Premoli for the Milano Design Week using the X Plaster W-System technology. This installation is a blast from the past, a "vintage game" which combines old tradition and materials with the most advanced technology developed by Ruredil with X Plaster W-System.

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