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Radiant panel

The Pulsar ceiling mounted radiant panels a are made in 4 sizes, with a width of 600 mm and a length between 1.2 and 3 m, in 2 standard colours, and others upon request. The panel has a very elegant design, perfectly matching the false ceiling, features simple maintenance, very long life and can be connected in series or in parallel to others panels using flexible pipes supplied upon request. 
The panels feature a very interesting construction: modern welding units, without leaving any visible traces, press the copper pipes into the thick electro-galvanised steel panel, guaranteeing an optimum heat output and a uniform temperature across the entire radiating surface. The product is ideal for many types of environment, especially schools and hospitals. 
The panel can be supplied with hot or cold water: in the summer, it should be used together with a primary air system, as only sensible cooling is provided. 
The heating capacity values have been certified by the leading European laboratory in the sector (University of Stuttgart), applying the European EN 14037 standard. 
The painting process, using an epoxypolyester resin powder coat dried in a furnace at 180°C, ensures high resistance over time, in compliance with the international standard ISO 2409, certified by tests performed at the Milan Polytechnic University.

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Sabiana is the leading European company in the design, production and sale of ceiling mounted radiant panels operating on hot water, superheated water and steam.

Since 1971, over 25,000 installations have been made in all types of environments (small, medium and large industry, shopping centres, aircraft hangars, sporting and recreation facilities, animal sheds), demonstrating the soundness of the product, including installations in new and highly innovative applications, such as the increasingly widespread air-conditioning of production areas so as to guarantee maximum comfort and unaffected productivity all year round, even in the hotter summer months.

Heating by radiation means absolute silence, no forced movement of the air, uniform temperatures throughout the environment, and no risk of fire. It means energy savings, as people, the walls and the floor are heated directly, while the air is only heated indirectly, with consequent minimum stratification of the heat. It means optimising the occupation of the spaces, as the walls and floors are free to be used. It means constant efficiency over time and no routine maintenance on the product, with the peace of mind that, year after year, at the start of each season, this product will continue to provide incomparable comfort.

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