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15% off until 2nd April. Use the code SPRING15


SamoACRUX | Shower cabin

Crystal shower cabin with hinged door

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ACRUX | Shower cabin
Crystal shower cabin with hinged door

Trendy collection proposals reflect the lifestyle of the great technology enthusiasts, to those who want to keep up with fashion trends or the mood of the moment and enjoy the luxury, as understood in the strict sense or ability to enjoy frequent visits of excellence and opportunities for personal fulfillment. Exclusive series, at the forefront of materials, in line with the current needs of style and function,researched in detail and rich opportunities for customization to create the shower environment that best expresses your lifestyle.

Essential in style, dimensions generous, dash in height, for news and prestigious concept of the shower: here it knows it it from bath of minimal style. Particular effect the projectual choice on the profiles: carrying those advanced and vertical ones, absent the inferiors. StarClean treatment, standard on all models, makes easier cleaning and maintenance.

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