Pipe and special part for water network / Pipes for heating system

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Florence, Italy
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Pipe and special part for water network / Pipes for heating system



Hot and cold drinking water.
Heating plants.

This copper tube is produced according to standard EN 1057 and is pre-insulated during production with polyethylene foam characterised by a closed cell structure of regular and uniformly distributed cell size. The insulating sheath is also externally protected by means of a particular polyethylene film. Insulated according to Italian Law 10/91 and its implementation decree (DPR412/93), for the distribution of the heat transfer fluid within heated environments, the insulation material is manufactured in full compliance with European Regulation EEC/EU 2037/2000 which requires that foam-based insulation material must be free of CFC and HCFC gases which are harmful to health and the environment.
The production process ensures absolute adherence of the insulating sheath to the outside of the copper tube wall, so as to avoid the formation of gaps that would degrade insulating the thermal insulation performance. The in-line continuous sheath application process during tube production ensures the total malleability of the finished product and its ease of installation.
Furthermore, in the interests of consumer protection and in accordance with EU Regulation 305/2011 for construction products (CPR), SMISOL®One copper tubes are certified with the CE mark. A further guarantee of compliance with prevailing regulation standards is assured with the achievement of UNI-IGQ Quality certification.

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Further details
Internal protection
It has proven bacteriostatic properties, making it the ideal material for drinking water distribution, in order to prevent the growth of bacteria such as Legionella. During manufacture, the tubes are subjected to a patented treatment for passivation and stabilisation of the internal walls, thus assuring absolute compliance to the potability parameters required by European legislation for transported drinking water (European Directive 98/83 and Law Decree31/01). SMISOL® One copper tubing has a carbon residue C<0,06 mg/dm², much lower than that required by EN 1057 which defines a carbon content limit of C≤0,20 mg/dm².
External protection
The insulating sheath is in closed cell PE foam conforming to Reg. CEE/EU 2037/2000 (devoid of CFCs and HCFCs) with a green polyethylene corrugated film outer surface. Resistance to fire is class 1 compliant pursuant to Italian Min. Decree 26/06/84.
Sheath characteristics
Thermal conductivity: λ ≤0,040 W/m°C.
Average sheath density: 30 kg/m³.
Min. sheath thickness: 6 mm (9 mm for the 22 x 1 mm diameter) under continuous laser gauge control.
Free of ammonia residues.
Excellent resistance to external chemical agents.
Class 1 non-flammable (Italian Min. Decree 26/06/84).
Free of CFCs and HCFCs (Reg. EEC/EU 2037/2000).

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