Pipe and special part for water network

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Florence, Italy
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Pipe and special part for water network



Cold drinking water.
Distribution of liquid and gaseous fuels.
Heating and hot water (after on-site insulation).
In compliance with applicable regulations.

SANCO® is composed of refined copper, essentially pure material (cu dhp 99.9% min.) And is precisely certified as such by sct. It does not contain additive elements such as dyes, plasticisers and fluidising agents that otherwise may be present in alternative materials derived from petroleum. SANCO®, thanks to a patented production process, can offer a quality level that is superior to that specified by regulatory provisions and, therefore, assures much better overall performance compared to commonly available commercial tubing products.

Further info from manufacturer on SANCO®
Further details
Internal protection
During manufacture, the tubes are subjected to a patented treatment for passivation and stabilisation of the internal walls, thus assuring absolute compliance to the potability parameters required by European legislation for transported drinking water (European Directive 98/83 and Law Decree 31/01).
The entry into force of the European Directive 98/83/EC on water intended for human consumption has highlighted the issue of the suitability of materials used for the various components in water systems, in order to guarantee that drinking water does not suffer any alteration of its potability characteristics.
The smart choice
Manufactured according to EN 1057, it has proven bacteriostatic properties that make it particularly suitable for drinking water systems.
The high melting point (1083 °c), considerable pressure resistance and its thermal conductivity, render this material ideal for the installation of traditional heating systems (in the pre-insulated version or in combination with suitable insulating sheaths) and for the fitting of floor or wall installations. It is also the most suitable material for domestic gas installations, where safety criteria, reliability and gas-proof performance are mandatory.
Furthermore, SCT copper tubes adhere to a universal application system for every category of joint, independently of specific contexts and limiting boundary conditions. Subject to regulation compliance, with the same type of tube materials, different plant systems can be fitted (heating, water and gas), with obvious operating advantages and economy of scale in stock management. It should be further noted that the calibration applied to sct copper tubing significantly simplifies the new jointing techniques (press fittings and compression couplings).
Finally, in the interests of consumer protection in accordance with Regulation eu 305/2011 for construction products (CPR), SANCO® copper tubes are certified with the CE mark. A further guarantee of compliance with prevailing regulation standards is assured with the achievement of UNI-IGQ Quality certification.
Ce marking
Each individual tube shows the ECC marking as prescribed by standard EN 1057 in accordance with EU Regulation 305/2011.
Punched markings
The markings on SANCO® copper tubes are repeated at 60 cm intervals and declare all the information required by the EU Regulation 305/2011 regarding construction products (CPR).
Calibration, both for straight lights and coils, is an essential aspect for the correct execution of all coupling operations, in particular, it is essential for press fittings.
Bacteriostatic effects
Plumbing installations made of copper has a greater ability to reduce the number of pathogenic germs in water compared to plastic materials.
The natural solution
Copper is intrinsically non-magnetic and therefore does not alter the natural ambient magnetic field. It has proven bacteriostatic properties which make it particularly suitable for all drinking water systems, in order to prevent the proliferation of bacteria such as legionella.
Thanks to its action on the cell walls of pathogenic microorganisms, SANCO® copper tube inhibits the formation of bacteria in installations that carry water for human consumption. These pathogens unleash their
Very dangerous effects when nebulised and inhaled, for example, during the taking of showers and exposure to whirlpools or fountains.
In addition to its preventive properties, copper tube, thanks to its physical and chemical characteristics, allows for the adoption of appropriate decontamination procedures (eg. thermal shock, chlorination, disinfection with chlorine dioxide, …) without risking any damage to the plant itself. At the end of his long life cycle, copper is completely and easily recyclable, thus reducing the amount of waste requiring disposal.
Unlike other materials, copper tube is well-known for its high recovery value, both as cut-off residue and salvaged scrap. When this value is properly quantified, the choice of copper emerges as even more competitive on a cost basis compared to other materials, in particular to plastic products.
It should also be noted that tubes made of plastic materials, given their derivation from a synthesis of petroleum-based processes, have a material composition that requires careful control of several chemical parameters. It is fundamental, first of all, to know their actual chemical composition and to evaluate the presence of adhesives, additives, stabilisers, dyes or other compounds that can be used during production.

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