Pipe for air conditioning unit and for domestic gas network

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Pipe for air conditioning unit and for domestic gas network



Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
Refrigerant gas transportation.
Transport of medical gases

SCT offers a complete range of copper tubes for both the plumbing-sanitary sector and industrial applications. SCT tubes are manufactured with the highest possible levels of quality, in full compliance with prevailing technical standards and respecting customer specifications.
To enable a clear distinction between the technical applications addressed by different product categories, we have introduced the MediClim® brand, which satisfies the requirements of two highly specialised areas such as medical equipment and refrigeration-air conditioning.
MediClim® tubing has a high degree of internal cleanliness and is specially designed for the conveyance of industrial gases and refrigerants as well as vacuum distribution. They can be used in high-pressure systems and have excellent workability characteristics. Special patented processes ensure that the inside of the tubing is factory-cleaned to a very high degree, assuring perfect compatibility with the special requirements of the various intended application fields.
MediClim® is manufactured according to standards EN 12735-1 and EN 13348.
MediClim® is produced in 5 m straight lenghts (R290 hard) and in 25 m coils (R220 annealed). In both delivery formats, the ends are sealed with stoppers to protect the internal cleanliness of each unit piece which also carries an individual batch number marking is identified to ensure full traceability.
The use of the MediClim® range requires a careful assessment of the intended application, as well as the prevailing environmental and functional conditions in which the product will be installed. This assessment must be made by qualified personnel at the project design stage: correct use and operational functionality of the finished tubing plant requires competent installation in full compliance with applicable regulations and appropriate Good Practice craftsmanship.
All MediClim® product in straight lenghts is specifically packaged for each dimension.
All MediClim® production is carried out in accordance with the rules defined by a Quality Management System approved under ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002, aligned to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC PED.

Further info from manufacturer on MediClim®
Further details
Technical specifications
Cu DHP (Cu: 99,9% min. P: 0,015 ÷ 0,040%) according to EN 1412
Dimensions and tolerances, according to EN 12735-1 and EN 13348
Physical status annealed (R220)
Unit break load: R. min. ≥220 MPa (N/mm²)
Percentage elongation: A5 min. > 40%
Physical status hard (R290)
Unit break load: R. min. ≥290 MPa (N/mm²)
Percentage elongation: A5 min. > 3% .
Acr applications
With reference to EN 12735-1, MediClim® fully meet the requirements in the air conditioning and refrigeration (ACR) sector for refrigerant gas tubing in industry and laboratories.
Particularly suitable for large-scale installations, it meets the technical specifications required by European legislation on packaging and transport of refrigerants (R32, R410, R407C, …).
MediClim® presents internal surfaces that are bright, clean and dry, key features for assuring the efficient performance of the entire system. The special production process guarantees a value of soluble residues on the inner surface of less than 0,38 mg/dm², in full compliance with EN 12735-1 and a lubricant residue less than 0,20 mg/dm² as indicated by standard EN 13348. Such levels of cleanliness are assured by the specific production techniques adopted and also by the termination-sealing of each tube by appropriate stoppers on completion of the manufacturing cycle.
Medical applications
With reference to EN 13348 “..Seamless, round copper tubes for medical gases…”, MediClim® is the specific solution for a sector in which, given the high level of quality required and the particular uses in hospital facilities, a high degree of excellence in quality and reliability is mandatory. In fact, medical gases have a direct impact on human health and, therefore, their purity must be safeguarded throughout all transport stages in order to protect the safety of treated patients.
MediClim® is subject to particularly restrictive chemical, mechanical, dimensional and safety characteristics and is suitable for vacuum systems and the distribution of medical gases and fluids (Oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, xenon, medical air, air for feeding surgical instruments, anaesthetic gases and vapours) at pressure levels up to 2000 kPa.
In this specific area, the applicable joining method for this tubing is welding or brazing as recommended by standard UNI ISO 7396-1, which specifies “the joining methods used must make it possible to maintain the mechanical characteristics of the joint up to an ambient temperature of 600°C”. During brazing or welding operations, the inside of the tubes must be purged with a protective gas (such as nitrogen) with due care that the cadmium content of brazing filler metals must not exceed 0,025%.

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